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Healinhouse is professional manufacturer of far infrared heating pad. HealMat series has a variety of high quality far infrared heating pads. HealMat 210200 is Tourmaline product of HealMat series. The tourmaline stones used in the HealMat 210200 are the highest quality Korean tourmaline stones. Learn more about Tourmaline Therapy health benefits.

When the tourmaline stones become hot, they will naturally release the pulse energy of negative ions and far-infrared rays into the depths of human tissues, effectively alleviating physical discomfort. Learn more about Negative Ions Therapy and Far Infrared Therapy.

HealMat 210200 serves many health functions and is completely safe. It can heat and heal your body from the inside out. Innovation technology layers can intercept electromagnetic waves that are harmful to the body. HealMat 210200 can be placed on a recliner, in a chair, on a bed, on the sofa or on the floor to heal your body. It can not only care for the waist, back, shoulder, but also care for the abdomen, legs, arms, knees, etc. It is light and convenient to carry, more practical, more flexible and can be heated quickly. Whether you are at work or at home, you can use it to relax. Now you can own your HealMat 210200 to bring you and your family health.

Healinhouse provides a wide range of high quality far infrared heating pads with factory direct price.

  • 100% Natural Tourmaline Stones
  • Hot Natural Stone Therapy
  • Far Infrared & Negative Ions Therapy
  • Deep Heating Relieve Pain
  • Smart Controller Precise Control
  • Exquisite Workmanship


  • Product Brand:Healinhouse
  • Product Name:HealMat 210200
  • Product Size: 43*74cm
  • Voltage:110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz
  • Heating Power:90W
  • Heating Area:28*60cm
  • Temperature Range: 30-70℃ / 86-158℉


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